Quy’s Vietnamese

Quy's Vietnamese

Delicious Vietnamese dishes at Quy's

Vendor – Quy Hays

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Our Market Location – You’ll find Quy in the rear section of the Market. We have comfortable seating in the area, too.


What We Offer – A variety of home-made Vietnamese dishes that can be enjoyed at the Market or taken home.

Our Viet egg rolls (cooked spring rolls) are a vegetarian or chicken/pork blend. These can be purchased hot or in frozen family packs to re-heat later.

We also have the fresh rolled Viet spring rolls, and these are available with shrimp, chicken or vegetarian.

Quy makes her own special peanut sauce for the fresh rolled spring rolls. She also custom-makes a variety of nuec mum sauces, as well as soy sauces.

Lotus salad is a unique blend of veggies, lotus root, shrimp, and chicken.

Yellow noodles are a family favorite with durum noodles, steamed veggies, spicy chicken and broiled chicken.

White noodle salad is known as boon tik noon, and includes veggies, meat, and spicy fish sauce. Pho is a seasonal dish. These items are typically to go.

To ensure your order, call at least two days in advance of pick-up and follow instructions on the phone.

  • For Friday pick-up, call by Wednesday evening at 5 pm.
  • For Saturday pick-up, call by Thursday evening by 5 pm.


Our Story – Quy’s story follows the post-WW2 period as a civilian living in Vietnam until years after the takeover of South Vietnam in 1975.

She is a survivor and an eye-witness to the cruelty of war. She grew up in markets and with street vendors. Her friends through the years included folks from different cultures and she learned various foods and cooking techniques via those relationships. One of her expressions is “I cook . . . You eat.”

She is an American citizen. She chooses to live and sell in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. She has been at the Carlisle Country Market since 2003.