Highland Spring Farm

Highland Spring Farm

Eggs, milk, and beef

Vendor – Jean Leach

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Our Market Location – You’ll find our vendor stand in the rear section of the Market.


What We Offer – We are a small family-owned farm selling grass-fed beef from our own herd of Scottish Highland cattle.

Our meat is USDA inspected and free of hormones, antibiotics, and preservatives. Scottish Highland cattle are an exceptionally hearty and healthy breed. They live outdoors year-round and thrive in even the harshest weather conditions.

We sell ~

  • Ground beef
  • Sandwich steaks
  • Smiling Jack Beef Jerky – no preservatives!

We also sell free-range eggs by the dozen. Our heritage and rare breed hens are free-range on 20 acres of organic property. They are fed a balanced soy-free diet for optimum health and for quality and tasty eggs. In fact, our eggs have more of the orange yolk desired for a better taste.

Our eggs come in four sizes – medium, large, extra large, and jumbo.


Our Story – From the time our first-born child was four months old, we made annual trips to the State Farm Show in Harrisburg.

Eleven years later, the joking about having our own farm became a reality when in June 1999 we purchased a small 23-acre farm. With four children things started to happen.

In September 1999, a small black stray dog appeared on our doorstep. Before Thanksgiving of that year, we purchased three goats, and by the start of the new year, we had our first five Scottish Highland heifers. April 2000 brought us into sheep, pigs, chickens, rabbits, turkeys, more goats, a horse, and no farm would be complete without its fair share of barn cats.

Now as the kids have grown and moved on to other things, we scaled back to simply raising Highland cattle. It’s more manageable this way, but with grandchildren on the way, anything is possible.