AJB Thrift Shop


Vendor – Artie Bierce

Contact Me –

My Market Location – You’ll find my vendor stand in the front section of the Market.

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What I Offer – Something for everyone!

If you’re looking for snack cakes and cookies, chips and pretzels, all at reduced prices, look no further than AJB Thrift Shop.

  • Bread and Muffins – Pepperidge Farm
  • Snack Cakes and Donuts – Little Debbie, TastyKake
  • Cookies – Voortman
  • Potato Chips and Pretzels – Fishin Chips, Hartley’s, Pretzel Pete’s
  • Hot Sauce

New items are coming in all the time, so please check back often.

And check out my website – AJB Thrift Shop – to find out more.

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My Story – In early 2015, I took over the Thrift Shop from the previous owner.

I remove unsold products from retail stores and sell them at approximately one-third the retail price.

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