Pansies by Peggy



Vendor – Peggy Strock

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My Market Location – You’ll find my vendor stand in the front section of the Market. I share space with Wooden You.


What I Offer – Real pressed flower designs.

I create real pressed flower designs – in frames, on decorative bottles, and on ornaments. I make hand-crocheted floral pins and barrettes, and I offer crocheted baby blankets. I also carry cat figurines and other cat merchandise.


My Story – I’ve been working in pressed flowers for 30+ years.

I grow and press all of my own flowers and greens. Many styles of frames are used to fit any decor. I’ve always loved flowers, and this is a nice way to preserve them for the future. I wanted to learn how to press flowers, and I bought a book to learn the basics.

Since then I have developed my own style and designs. Come in and browse the designs I’ve made or request a special order.

You can also catch up with me at craft shows. Stop by my vendor stand at the Market and pick up a flyer listing my craft shows.