Mama Bair’s Subs

Mama Bair's Subs

Subs and deli items

Vendor – Carolyn Bair

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My Market Location – You’ll find Mama Bair’s Subs in the rear section of the Market. We have comfortable seating in the area, too.


What I Offer – Made-to-order fresh subs, taco salad, hot dogs, and sausages.

I also have a deli case stocked with beef sticks, lunch meats, cheese spreads, cheese by the pound, and so much more.

In a hurry? You can order a sub or a taco salad in advance. Just use the order forms on my website, then come by the Market and pick up your order.


My Story – I started the sub business in 1987.

I formed routes delivering subs until 1992. I then helped my husband, who sold IBA dairy and animal health supplies directly to the farms. That kept us busy and with raising our two children.

In 2009, I started the business with routes again, and in 2012, decided to open a sub stand at the Carlisle Country Market.