AES Hearth and Patio



Vendors – Rick and Monica Soccio

Contact Us –

Our Market Location – You’ll find AES Hearth and Patio in the middle section of the Market.


What We Offer – Everything for your fireplace and everything for your patio.

We have fireplaces, stoves, inserts, furnaces, and boilers. We specialize in custom hearth design, both indoor and outdoor, as well as outdoor living products.

We carry grills and grill accessories, fire pits, poly outdoor furniture, and Sunair retractable awnings.

Our services include ~

  • Custom Fireplace Design
  • Service and Maintenance
  • Professional Installation
  • Home Heating Evaluation
  • Chimney Servicing and Repairs

Find out more about our products and services on our website, AES Hearth and Patio.


Our Story – We bought the Carlisle home-based business AES Heating from then-owner Leo Goodman in 1998 and renamed it AES Hearthplace.

Starting out in our home, however, the business soon grew large enough to move to a showroom in Newville. Our business expanded with the hiring of many employees and the purchase of a showroom in Camp Hill.

We’re so much more now than just a stove and fireplace shop, so we renamed our company AES Hearth and Patio.

Check us out at the Market – as well as our Camp Hill and Newville shops!